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Ganesha Global Kft. can now help you with property mortgages.

This service is currently not available to non-Hungarians.
Only expats living and earning a fixed wage in Hungary that has been directly deposited to their bank account for the last 6 months can apply.

UPDATED: May 2016


List of documents requested by the Bank

Unrestricted use

  • Power of Attorney authorisation to arrange the loan on costumer’s behalf
  • Certified Ownership Certificate of current status of the property no older than 15 days
  • Bank application form
  • Current map of the property in the case single dwelling/ house or plot of land
  • Personal bank account in Hungary
  • Property Insurance Policy

Property purchase

As above but with the addition of:

  • Purchase Agreement /Sales agreement registered and approved of by the Land Registry Office(including mailing address)
  • Certified Ownership Certificate of current pre-registration status of the property no older than 15 days
  • Agreement of Deposit with Solicitor Escrow Account


Residential Mortgages for Hungary


What is covered?

  • Purchase of houses, apartments and freehold land are available for individuals.
  • Unrestricted use
  • Refinancing

Loan to Value:

  • 50% - 80% of the market value

Maximum Loan Amount:

  • None

Interest Rates:

  • HUF: 6% 7%

Maximum Term & Age Limit:

  • 25 - 35 years (not more than 68 years old at maturity)

Currencies Available:

  • Hungarian Forint


General fees to consider

Submission of documents

  • Ganesha Global loan arrangement fee € 200 + V.A.T. (non-refundable)
  • Valuation expert for property appraisal € 120 / property
  • Ownership Certificate € 18 / property
  • Current map of the property in case € 12 / property single dwelling/ house or plot of land

Payment structure for loan arrangement

  • Ganesha Global success fee € 1000 + V.A.T. or 1.2% of the financed amount whichever is greater
  • Notary fee according to the amount of the loan € 200 - € 600
  • Interpreter € 150 - € 200
  • Registration fee for Land Registry Office € 50/ property
  • Bank administration fee 1.5 % - 3 %
  • Property insurance from € 8 / month





IMPORTANT: Rates are subject to change and the information above is only for guidance. Please contact a representative for up-to-date advice.

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