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Profits & Benefits

Diversity is only one aspect of the asset allocation strategy. Taking into account rental income, the narrowing window of ascendancy and the favourable currency disparity versus the forint, average per-annum return on investment can exceed 30%. Historically, modest renovation has immediately added a 15% price appreciation premium! Furthermore, in ensuing years as Hungary becomes nearer to adopting the Euro, history has shown that the former currency differential narrows dramatically - providing additional appreciation potential upon sale of the property which, in many instances has been greater than 50% (realized in year of sale).

The capital appreciation you enjoy, you'll be pleased to know is not being driven by easy-money bank lending policies which creates speculative housing price booms, only to be followed by often dizzying downturns. On the contrary, Hungarian banks have been conservative in their policies. Real estate prices are being driven by traditional sound supply and demand economics. The obvious benefit for those who act expeditiously now translates into ready demand should you decide to sell in the future.

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