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Nánási kert

Nánási kert
Budapest - 3rd District
Area: 55m2 to 81m2

Prices range from: €1587/ m2 to €2110/ m2

(depending on the floor)

Nánási kert has a unique style that combines the modern necessities of urban life with the relaxing atmosphere of the country. Located right on the shore of the Danube River the beautiful panorama is unparallel so close to the city centre which is only 15 minutes away.



Location of the land
Nánási kert recreational park is located in Budapest in the 3rd district, on Római part, in the area between Nánási street and the promenade on Római part. Buildings are on a 2-hectare large area with aborigines, which is embraced by a 15 thousand sqm park. A preserved monument boat house called „VÖCSÖK II” is also located on the land.

Description of the buildings
Nánási kert recreational park is divided into five buildings (A, B, C, D, E). On the ground floor + 3 stories of the buildings altogether 112 apartments will be built.

Building „A”
Building „A” is located directly next to the promenade on Római part, where a boat house
will be established on the ground floor and altogether 20 units on the 1-3rd floors. A connected underground garage is located underneath the building, a part of which reaches over the building’s contour. This part is covered with a green roof. There is a possibility to place 33 cars in the underground garage, which can be accessed through a single entrance by car, from Nánási street. The internal road is located in front of the buildings, on the northern side of the recreational park. The underground garages of the other buildings can be accessed from this road through ramps.

Buildings „B-C”
Two buildings with the same floor-plan are located in the middle of the plot. On the ground floor and three stories of the buildings altogether 44 apartments will be established. On the basement level the two buildings are connected, thus the 49 parking spaces established in the continuous garage can be accessed through one entrance.

Buildings „ D-E ”
Buildings „ D-E” are located on the side of the plot close to Nánási. On the four stories of the building 48 units will be established. Residents can place 40 cars in the underground garage.

The garden
The Danube shore can be accessed via the garden walkway, through the pedestrian gate next to building „A”. On the side of Nánási street, a walkway runs on the right side of the land, so that the Danube shore can be accessed from the West as well. Inside the plot, on the southern side a large garden ensures relaxation, where a swimming pool will be established that is open in the summer and covered in the winter.
During the arrangement of the garden the protection of the existing valuable trees plays an important role.

Flood control
The land is located in the flood zone of the Danube; therefore the Investor pays high emphasis on insulation. Except for the southern side of the land the whole land will be banked up together with the road, which is almost 0.5 meters above the highest flood level ever, thus flood damages can be avoided for sure, or in case of a flood the apartmentswill be accessible dryly as well.
The Investor got an insulation protection study prepared by the engineer of F.R.T. Raszter Építésziroda, then it modified the implementation plans in accordance with the content of the study. Thus the expert of the Budapest University of Technical Sciences provided a declaration that the area is fully safe from insulation and a possible flood of the Danube does not affect the apartments.

Other services
The group mailbox will be placed at the main entrance from Nánási street, and a reception building will also be built here, integrally with the garbage container premise. The whole area is protected by a fence. Closable gates regulate the traffic.


Buildings are made with water seal, armored concrete mat footing and watertight basement armored concrete sidewalls. Load bearing is ensured by piling under the water seal planar structures.
The watertight concrete has a quality classification of „Vz6”.

Load-bearing walls, pillars
The basement walls are 25 cm thick watertight monolith armored concrete walls (visible concrete surface), and in the underground garage the ground floor ceiling is carried by sized armored concrete pillars. The external load-bearing walls are made of Porotherm 30 NF, while the internal apartment dividing and staircase walls are made of Porotherm 30 sound-proof (59 dB) building blocks, at some places with lagged armored concrete pillar enhancement.

Ceiling structures
The basement ceiling is a 20 cm thick armored concrete ceiling, onto which 7.5 cm Heratekta lagging is placed from underneath.
Ceilings between stories are also of a 20 cm thick monolith armored concrete structure.

Balcony boards
Where the balcony boards join the ceiling – due to the large surfaces -, in order to break the heat bridge, the cantilever sheets receive lower and upper lagging, while in case of smaller balcony boards that do not have static beam backing – where it is possible technically – we apply SCHÖCK-ISOKORB heat bridge breaking elements.

Stairs, elevators
In the staircases double-armed monolith armored concrete board stairs are made opposite to the monolith armored concrete elevator shaft, which lean on the staircase walls and the stories‘ ceiling. Where stair arms bear to load-carrying structures a sound bridge breaking is made; staircase landings are made of floating lime floor concrete.
Stone porcelain, flagstone covering, gypsum plastered and painted wall surfaces, painted steel bars and handholds will be placed in the staircases.

Roof structure
The buildings are constructed with flat roofs. The roof structure is a flat roof with an inverse order of layers, the practical importance of which is that plastic water sealing is placed on the sloping concrete layer directly, on which lagging and the upper pea gravel loading layer is placed.
The applied roof structure system is a lot more modern than the flat roof that has a traditional order of layers, because it protects water sealing from damaging environmental impacts.

Shadings, railings
In order to shade the terraces related to the holiday resorts and separate them from the environment concertina shading boards are installed to the edges of balcony boards, which have a steel framed wooden structure.

Facade walls
The facade receives an off-white Terranova rendered surface.

A lift-tech type elevator that has no machine house and is capable of lifting 4 persons will be built into all staircases. The elevator stops at the level of the garage as well.

External plastic shut-off devices are made in weir notch construction, with Roto Centro hardware. On the external side of buildings „A”, „B” and „C” they receive red pine colored foil coverage, which is in harmony with the shading boards that are made of red pine. On the inside they will be white. In buildings „D-E” they remain white on both the inside and the outside.

The Sherlock type entrance doors are installed afterwards and are enhanced by a steel section, covered with plastic casing, having MABISZ qualification and are equipped with a security lock, chromium clench and hardware. Door panels are made with an optical judas-hole in steamed beech colour.
Internal doors are also installed afterwards, door panels are CPL face veneered, covered with steamed beech colour foil and made with chromium hardware and clench.

A floating lime floor base is placed on structural ceilings – in accordance with today’s modern requirements – with step-proof thermal and sound insulation. Beading insulation is installed all around premises, which prevents the spread of steps’ voices between stories and rooms.

The following coatings will be placed on this backing concrete:
• Holiday resorts’ cold floor covering is stone porcelain or cemented glazed ceramics (min. capacity of resistance PEI 4).
• In buildings „A”, „B” and „C” the warm coverage is natural wood ribbed parquet ( Turkey oak-oak). The base board of the parquet is 2 cm high and it is the same type of tree as the floor covering. In buildings „D-E” laminated parquet coverages are made.
• The cold floor covering of balconies and terraces consists of frost-resisting covering tiles.
• The wall coating of water premises is made of Italian/Spanish tiles, up to the height of 2.10 m.
• In separate toilets the wall coating is put up to the height of 1,40 m.

Equipment of bathrooms
Built-in sanitary products (lavatory, water-closet pan, bath) are Laufen type, and accessories and faucets are Grohe – Eurodisk type. The toilet is Geberit type with a console and hidden basin, which can be operated by a clamp plate.
1 automatic washing machine connection is established by holiday resort unit.

Equipment of kitchens
Each apartment unit is supplied with water, canal, dishwasher connection.

Heating, warm water supply
Warm water supply and heat necessary for heating is ensured by a Vaillant type, gas-fired, combined wall boiler with a heating capacity of 20 kW in each holiday resort.
Calorific output is ensured by VOGEL ? NOOT type steel plate, sheet radiators. Bathrooms are equipped with BETATHERM type towel drying radiators.
The measurement of consumption is ensured by gas meters for each apartment, which are located in the staircases.

Steel structure, lagged and walled chimneys are built to educe the combusted gas produced by apartments’ heating devices. Cleaning doors are established in each apartment.

The calibrated water meters (MOM OPTIMA SUPER type) serve the measurement of holiday resorts’ individual water consumption. Meter cupboards will be located on each floor in the common premises.

In rooms, where there is no window connection, ventilation takes place with HELIOS ELS type extract fans that can be controlled with a lamp switch installed to the wall.

We ensure 3 x 16 amper capacity per apartment. Electricity consumption meters will be placed in the meter cupboards of staircases, in groups.
We solve wire lining within apartments with copper wires pulled into conduits.
Switches and electrical sockets are Kontallux Valena type. We ensure the possibility of connecting light fixtures in all rooms of apartment units.

Electrical equipment
• We ensure 4 electrical sockets at the kitchen counter and the dish-washer’s connector will be under the counter. There will be a 5 x 4 mm2 Cu wire for the fireplace. The four-air flue above the fireplace shall be connected with fixed tie-up.
• A place for a lamp will be ensured on the ceiling above dining tables with a separate switch.
• A chandelier place is created in living rooms with a chandelier switch.
• We place 5 sqm / 1 electrical socket in average in rooms. Additional 1 socket will be installed next to the phone and 3 to the TV set’s location.
• In bathrooms ceiling and mirror lighting can be operated with separate switches. 1 socket is installed next to the mirror. A panel is made for the washing machine, which includes the water reception and discharging place and the electrical socket as well.
• Lighting and 1 socket is installed on the balcony. Lighting can be switched from the rooms.
• Rooms’ heating thermostat is placed in the living room, next to the electrical switch.

The system will be built out in the buildings of the recreational park with at least 2 dual outlets by apartment. There are 2 analogue main lines in one dual outlet, which connects to the sub-office begin at the reception. An entryphone module and a numerical field calling panel is installed at gates, from which any apartment can be called, since this is the central secondary station. Calls can be diverted.

Closed video control system
Cameras are installed around the buildings and in the garages for recognizing human movements. We will also install cameras next to the entryphones. The center of the CTV system will be at the reception, and video information will be available on one of the central TV channels as well.

Central TV system
The module of the Receiver will be installed at the reception. Amplifiers located in buildings’ staircases will be connected from here radially.

Fire alarm system
The fire alarm system will be established in each building and its center will be connected to the reception.

Intrusion alarm system
Established with pipe location, which ensures general protection of the whole recreational park, apartments’ opening, movement and glass breaking alarm and the switchboard defense of the basement garage. The system is brought into life by the owners’ individual installation.

Storage premises
On the garage level a storage premise belongs to each apartment unit. They can be closed with wire-frame doors; otherwise they will be separated with a woven wire fence.

Grand master key system
The street entrance gate, the staircase gate, the basement air-lock door and the entrance door of the apartment can be opened with 1 master key.


During the construction works we reserve the right of making any changes if it is required by:
- technical developments;
- structural instructions;
- new or revised norms and regulations;
- delay in the transportation of building materials affecting the dead-line of construction works;
- if more modern building materials appear in the market.

We draw Buyer’s attention that natural materials (wood, ashlar, ceramic, porcelain) might have different colour shade, structure as well as differences on account of burnout. The same applies to copper and aluminium. These eventual differences do not mean any difference in quality.

The service does not include lamps, furniture and telephone connection inside the individual apartments. (Buyer shall order them!)

Buyer takes note of the fact that, in the compound, Com.unique Kft is responsible for establishing the telephone, internet and cable TV system and Com.unique Kft is the one providing these services according to the individual subscriptions made by individual Buyers. Buyer can use other service provider(s), but those cannot use the system established by Com.unique. Therefore, any expenses resulting from any required new establishment shall be charged on Buyer.



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