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Ilka Udvar
Ilka Udvar
Budapest - 14th District
Area: 37m2 to 84m2

Prices range from: €1264/ m2 to €1573/ m2

(depending on the floor)

Ilka Udvar project is located in the 14 th district of Budapest and is within easy walking distance to the beautiful Városliget (City Park), the largest park in Budapest. The park was originally designed in 1896 by French landscape designer Nebbion to celebrate the Hungarian Millennium Exhibition.



Ilka udvar

Applied Materials and Structures

Budapest , 14th district, No. 25-27. Ilka utca




The foundation of the building is flexibly bedded monolithic reinforced concrete foundation slab completing with jet-grouting procedure.

Ascending structures:

The infill external walls of the monolithic reinforced concrete structured buildings over the ground level are made of 38 cm-thick, POROTHERM 38 N+F hand blocks, and the external walls of the basement are made of 30 cm-thick water proof monolithic reinforced concrete. The infill walls on the boundaries of the internal fire section are made of 30 cm-thick POROTHERM 30 N+F hand blocks, the flat partitioning walls are made of 30 cm-thick bricks. The walls of the staircase are 20 cm thick; the walls of the lift shafts are 14 cm thick monolithic r.c. structures. The partition walls are made of 10 cm-thick POROTHERM partition wall panels. On the ground floor in front of the POROTHERM brickwork 5, 5 cm thick clinker brick finish shall be made.


All slabs of the building are 24 cm thick, monolithic reinforced concrete, headless mushroom slabs. Prefabricated lintels are in the internal flat partition walls. The slabs narrow to 19 cm at the balconies and terraces. A 15 cm riser is required at the terraces so that the required heat and water insulation could be placed. In the street tract on the ground floor the 50 cm level difference of the street can be overcome with a filling of varying thickness on the horizontal slab.


The two-arm monolithic reinforced concrete stairs are 1, 20 m wide and have 17, 0 cm riser and 30 cm thread. The interim landing is 1, 20 m; the level landings have various sizes. The floor construction of the landings on the levels is made with floating layer, the stair flights and the interim landing connect to the r.c. walls and slabs through step sound proof, prefabricated structure. The stair flights covered with stone porcelain are accompanied by following plinth, the steel structure railing with raking are painted.

Roof structure:

The total area of the loft of the street building and a part of the loft of the yard building shall be converted. On the converted areas monolithic r.c. coffin slab shall be made, in other places the traditional timberwork provides the bordering of the rooms. The parts of the roof covered by concrete tiles are of 30 0, this covered by metal sheets are of 15 0.

Roof covering:

Onto the street gable roof 30 0 of roof pitch and onto the yard hip roof concrete tile covering shall be placed, onto the battens adjusting to the tiles and the roof pitch.

On the roofs of 15 0 roof pitch vertical folded, on the roofs of 5 0 roof pitch fold sealing striped, double vertical folded sheet covering shall be prepared. The wall finishes of the vertical dormer windows as well as the fascias have folded sheet covering.

The ceiling battens shall be put on counter battens fixing underlay foil. We planned a 3 cm ventilating cavity between the foil and the battens, the vapour is aired out from the glass wool insulation through the vapour permeable foil (DÖRKEN Delta-Vent).

The technical specifications of the flat

Floor finishes

In the bedrooms, living rooms, wardrobes and passages insulated warm flooring: HDF-based laminated flooring with high-resistant coat and skirting board

Basic colour: beech, maple, cherry

In the bathrooms, toilets hard floor finishes:

1st class Italian glazed ceramic floor tiles, minimum PE 3 wear resistance

Size of tiles: 30*30 cm

Direction of laying: diagonal

In the kitchen and entrance halls hard floor finishes:

1st class Italian glazed ceramic floor tiles, minimum PE 3 wear resistance

Size of tiles: 30*30 cm

Direction of laying: reticular

Wall finishes

The wall finishes if the kitchen, bathroom and toilet:

1st class Italian glazed ceramic tiles

Size of the tiles: 20*25 cm

Direction of laying: reticular

Colour: customer may select from our range

In the bathroom and the kitchen the finish reaches up to the height of the door (2,10 m) (upon special request to a different height)

Between the lower and upper elements of the cupboards in the kitchen the wall finish is of 60 cm wide. Each positive corner shall be closed with white edge protection.

Surface painting

White emulsion paint everywhere

Internal doors

Base type:

Wood structure subsequently installable factory surface painted door panels and frames are built in. At normal price breech, maple, cherry colours, brass rosette handle set, hinges and bolts can be selected. Customers’ different demands may be met in appropriate time.

External doors and windows

Common areas:

Heat built-up free, white, metal structure doors and windows, with safety and heat insulating glass, K=1,4 W/m2K, powder sprayed surface painting.

Frontal windows:

White plastic windows with heat and sound insulating glass, side hung, partly tilt and turn window with hinges and bolts closing at several points, hidden fittings, K= 2,8 W/m2K glass.

The roof plane windows are of VELUX type, heat insulated glazed wooden windows.

Front door:

Sound proof, factory painted, wooden structure doors, with security lock closing at several points (that have MABISZ qualification) with peep hole, brass handle and hinges and bolts, with gasket and kerb.

Garage door:

The garage door is white, HÖRMANN type, electric, sectioned, remote controlled garage door without heat insulation.

Rooms with water system

1st class porcelain bath tub in the white colour, with chromed one handle taps and stop valves. The faience products (55 cm wash basins, hand basins in the separate toilets, WC pans) are arranged according to the ground plan.

Heating equipment and hot water

The central gas boiler room of the flats is located on the ground floor, the heat insulated steel reinforced 2 mounted chimneys and 1 gravitational ventilating shaft which are walled off on the normal levels by a 10 cm thick partition wall panel start from here.

The heater is a flat white radiator made of pressed sheet steel and equipped with heat controlling thermostat head (Vogel & Not or Dunaferr type). The heating pipes are sunk in the floor. Individual meters shall be mounted in each flat.


The rooms with primarily natural interior have artificial ventilation. Tube fan of HELIOS type.

Electric energy supply

The full electric network is generally made with brass wires placed in protective tubes mounted in the wall provided with appropriate safety earth. In each bedroom 3, in each living room 4, in each kitchen 6, in each passage 1 socket of 220V are mounted.

The lamps of the flats do not belong to the basic equipment of the flats they are ensured by the customers (naturally without their wiring).

Base type of the sunk fittings:

Kontavill make, Valeny type, white colour

In every room socket and bulb for temporary lighting, in the bedrooms and kitchens and bathrooms on the ceiling, in other rooms as bracket lamps.

The measurement of consumption of the storage areas are from common electricity, with a time switch releasing device.

Weak-current systems

Basic design:

The TV and telephone network in case of the 3-bedroom flats includes 2-2 connection points; in case of other flats it includes 1-1 connection point at basic price.

The TV aerial and telephone connection (cable TV joining, without fitting unit and subscription) includes 1-1 connection point in each flat, in the 3-bedroom flats 2-2 connection points at basic price.


No built-in furniture, cupboard is included in the basic equipment of the flats.


In the street building there will be 2 modern lifts with a capacity of 8 persons, the running of which is silent and maintenance requirements are low. In the yard building there will be 1 modern lift with a capacity of 6 persons the running of which is silent and maintenance requirement is low.


In case of both the street and the yard buildings the electrical and engineering tube network necessary for the air-conditioning will be established at the uppermost flats.

The investor reserves the right of changing in relation to the products undertaken for using the construction.


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